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We will evaluate your credit reports for FREE to determine what exactly we will be able to dispute and to give you an idea on time frame and expectations.

We will then open thorough investigations with each individual creditor. We will completely dispute inaccuracies and discrepancies with each account. All deletions of the derogatory items are permanent.

Results are fast and usually you will see the changes on your credit report as nearly as 30-38 days and our overall process is completed within 90 days.

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Have Our Credit Experts Help You With the Following Disputes and Removals:


Public Records





Credit Fraud

Late Payments


Identity Theft

Excessive Inquiries

Reporting Errors


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What Clients Say

Megan Cloud

" The BEST and most affordable and reliable credit repair company! I have recommended my friends, family and clients here because of their incredible turn times and excellent customer service. Better credit in 60 Days or less. "

Ed Prescott

" Thank you Joe, in just a few short weeks you were able to get rid of some old accounts and get my scores back where I needed them. Very professional to work with and surely knows his business!! If you are considering credit repair? Joe and ASAP are who you want to use! Thanks Again Ed. "

Robert Martinez

" Thankfully my credit is good. However, this service is vital in today's society standards, if we want to better ourselves n better our community. Everybody deserves a second chance in all aspects in life...creditors should know that themselves. Get inform n call today to repair ur credit. U have nothing to lose n everything to gain. "


Credit Knowledge is Power. Knowing everything you can about your credit is key to maintaining great credit.

Free Consultation

We are not just here to repair your credit. We will completely evaluate your credit reports and help you decide whats the best option to ensure the fastest and most efficient results.

Establishing Credit

Disputing errors is vital to increasing your credit scores. But without having established credit, it can be almost impossible to have good credit.

Maintaining Good Credit

Why invest in credit repair if you can’t maintain it? We teach you the only 3 things that you can do to keep an excellent credit rating.

Business Credit

When establishing new business credit, lenders will base 90% of their credit decision on your personal credit scores.

Vehicle Purchase

Buying a car with a low credit rating can cost you thousands in interest rates alone. We work with over 200 car dealerships and lenders to help give you the best advice on your next vehicle purchase.

New Home Purchase

We work with over 300 different mortgage lenders nationwide to ensure you have the best options for your new home.

Personal Loans

Although personal loans if abused can actually affect your credit in a negative way. If used responsibly it can allow you to establish relationships with different lending institutions. These relationships can turn into purchasing power in the future.

Credit Monitoring

Its important to monitor your credit every quarter to keep from having any errors appearing on your credit and affecting your future credit decisions. We can show you how to monitor your credit without breaking the bank.

Fair Credit Reporting Act or (FCRA)

Know your rights when it comes to what is considered an error on your credit report. You would be surprised how one small error can effect your overall credit scores.

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in Under 2 Minutes

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